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Polyresin mascot (polystone) ◆
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Catalog No.: 5019

Polyresin mascot (polystone) ◆

Why not make your own original XNUMXD mascot?

From mini-sized items that can be carried as key chains with character goods and local mascots, to accessory charms and souvenirs, we will manufacture with your own original design.

<Small lots are acceptable for polyresin!>
With polyresin, there is no need for molds such as injection (injection molding), and since the mass production is done using inexpensive silicon molds, the total cost is low.

We use the China factory and Vietnam factory, which have abundant achievements, according to the characteristics of the product design, so we can provide high quality products with stable delivery time.

Product code5019
MaterialPolyresin / Polystone
Normal delivery timePrototype 2 weeks Mass production 1 month ~
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<Supplementary information on polyresin quality>

The production method of polyresin mascots is more profitable than injection molding, especially in the production of small lots and a wide variety of products.On the other hand, due to the manufacturing method, there are quality limits in the following points.
When considering polyresin products, please check in advance as well.

● Size
 There will be slight individual differences in the size of each mass-produced product (about 5%. Individual differences will vary slightly depending on the design size.) 

● Strength
 Although it is a hard material, it does not have elasticity or flexibility, so elongated parts are easily broken and thin parts are easily chipped.Therefore, for example, for designs with thin limbs, it is necessary to deform such as "attach your hands along the main body" and "if your legs are long, attach your left and right legs without opening your legs".

● Lacquer
 Except for some printed parts such as logos, it is basically painted by brush and sprayed by hand.It is manufactured by workers who have reached a certain level of technology, but due to the manufacturing method, there are some differences in "brush painting line (color-to-color boundary)", "painting thickness (uniformity)", "line thickness", etc. There will be errors and individual differences. (Some small patterns that cannot be reproduced by brush painting may be handled by tampo printing or stickers.) 
● Twist of joints (neck swing type)
 The neck swing mascot uses heaton for the joint members between the head and the main body.Therefore, there will be an error in the relative position and angle between the head and the body.

[About manufacturing method of polyresin]
 Polyresin first makes one prototype, and then repeats making duplicates from the prototype.
Since there is a slight dimensional difference from the original at the stage of duplicating the prototype, individual differences will occur each time the duplication is repeated.Since we manufacture silicon molds (casting molds) for mass production based on these prototypes, there will be individual differences in the size of mass-produced products.
Due to this error, even when a pattern is expressed by tampo printing or a sticker, there will be slight individual differences in the positional relationship between the article and the print (or sticker).
(The difference in size is not noticeable, but you can check it by measuring with a ruler.)

[About injection molded products such as PVC XNUMXD mascots]
 If you want “size accuracy” and “high-definition coloring accuracy” without individual differences, injection molding (injection) is suitable.
Injection molding creates a mold (with imposition such as XNUMX pieces) based on XNUMXD data obtained by scanning the original prototype or XNUMXD data from the design stage, so the number of products taken from the mold (the number of products taken from the mold (with imposition such as XNUMX pieces)) Regardless of the number of impositions), the size is accurate and it is possible to manufacture without individual differences.

Since there are no individual differences in dimensions, there are the following merits in terms of quality.
-High printing positioning accuracy. (Because the positional relationship between the positioning jig and the product during printing is constant)
-Since "masking" can be used for partial coloring and color coding, lines (contours, color boundaries) are accurately finished compared to brush painting.

Other benefits
-In contrast to the method of casting into a soft mold such as silicon, the material is injected into the mold at high pressure, so precise molding is possible.
-Product hardness, flexibility, and material can also be selected according to the application.
-When using a flexible material, it bends without breaking even in elongated parts, so it is less likely to be damaged compared to polyresin.
 = It is possible to create products that are more faithful to the original picture.

"Mold" and "masking" are considerably more expensive than the initial cost of polyresin, so injection molding is suitable for large lot projects.

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