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Original polyresin mascot (Mamemori)

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Original polyresin mascot (Mamemori)
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We will make an original polyresin mascot.
Our in-house designer will create a complete image, so please feel free to contact us regarding the design as well.

The photo you are introducing is our original product "Mame Mamori".
This product is also sold individually, so please refer to it as an image of the original mascot production.

Beans have the meaning of "healthy" in Japan, and they have been eaten at celebrations and annual events as an auspicious food since ancient times.
It is a health amulet that the family can carry with them, with the wish that "the whole family can live diligently (= health)".
Each family is made up of various beans and a character is set, and a total of 12 types of series are developed.

In addition, the grandfather and grandmother are accompanied by a single message for each family, such as "Let's live long and healthy."

A mini size that you can carry in your wallet or bag pocket.

○Manufacturing range
"Original polyresin mascot" mount OPP set
"Original polyresin mascot" box and pop set

Product code5312
body sizePackage: W40 x H53 x D6mm
MaterialBody: Polyresin
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