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Logo/illustration processing

We will realize the image you want as a product with various molding technologies.

Print logo, name, illustration display, etc.

Print logo, name, illustration display, etc.
1. Silk printing
It can be printed on various materials such as metal, cloth, leather, etc., and is often used for entering a name.
2. Offset printing
Multicolor printing and gradation printing are possible.
3. Pat printing (Tampo printing)
It is possible to print on a concave surface that is difficult with other printing methods.
4. Decal (sticker) printing
This is a method to attach a sticker printed on paper or resin to the product. You can print more delicately than you can print on the product itself.

Corrosion etching

Corrosion etching

This is one of the processing methods for engraving names and illustrations on a metal plate. Chemically create irregularities using chemicals along the shape of the desired letters and illustrations. If the object is extremely thin, watermark patterns can be formed. (Example: Bookmark)

  • Since it does not use molds, it can handle relatively small lots.
  • Compared with engraving with less processing, sharp shallow carving with an edge is possible.
  • By applying color to the concave surface in the subsequent process, you can obtain a high-quality finish with a beautiful harmony of colorful colors and metals.

Cutting etching

Cutting etching

This is a method of engraving names and illustrations on the surface of metal plates and resin products using a laser processing machine or engraving machine.

  • Since no mold is used, it can be used for small lot production.
  • Delicate expressions such as photographs can be made by the contrast of cutting density.
  • You can get a simple beauty that is a little different from coloring.
  • There is no deterioration of the design such as coloring because it is expressed by unevenness.



This is a processing method in which a desired logo or illustration is stamped or extruded by pressing on a brass plate or aluminum plate using a mold.

  • It has a high production capacity and is effective in controlling costs during mass production. (Use of mold)
  • Compared with etching, you can get a deep, three-dimensional finish.
  • In the post-process, by applying expression processing such as crevices on the concave surface and antique treatment, it is possible to develop even more diverse expressions.

Color case

Insert name

Paint the metal plate with paint. Ink is injected into the concave surface that was previously obtained by press working or corrosion etching to color it. There are also cloisonne, pseudo cloisonne, and stained glass transparent epo.

  • Since the concave surface is colored, it is strong against discoloration due to wear.
  • No gradation can be produced, but different colors can be injected into each of the finely divided concave surfaces to make the design vivid.



It is colored by spray paint.
It is possible to spray paint the entire product in one color, or it is possible to spray paint only a part of the product using masking.

1. Whole spray painting
This is a processing method in which a desired logo or illustration is stamped or extruded by pressing on a brass plate or aluminum plate using a mold.
2. Masking painting

There are various types of paints used for painting, including fluorescent colors, pearls, and luminous (phosphorescent).
Gradation is also possible.
There are two types of masking molds, one is cheap resin and the other is metal that uses electroforming. We recommend a metal mold that can be firmly masked when the object is hard.

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