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From May 5nd, we will revise the scope of free shipping and the shipping fee.


Regarding delivery charges, the cost burden on our company has gradually increased due to the recent price hikes by major shipping companies. We are very sorry to hear that the cost will continue to be the current market price or more, but from May 2023, 5, we will ship products with a total order amount of less than 22 yen (excluding tax). are unified as follows.

[Regulation change for free shipping range]

Current regulations: Total order amount less than 3 yen (excluding tax)

New rule: Total order amount less than 5 yen (excluding tax)

* Operation will start from shipments after May 2023, 5
*This revision will also apply to products that are currently being ordered and are unavoidably shipped after May 5nd.

[Daio Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Postage revision table]

After the revision, the details of each shipping fee and applicable date are as follows.
・Revision applicable date: 2023/5/22 shipping
・Normal free shipping: Total amount of 5 yen or more (excluding tax)
・B2B site free shipping: total amount of 3 yen or more (excluding tax)

▼Shipping fee after revision (other than Yamato Transport)
・Kanto/Shinetsu/Tokai/Hokuriku/Kansai 800 yen
・South Tohoku/North Tohoku/Chugoku/Shikoku 900 yen
・Kyushu 1000 yen
・Hokkaido 1300 yen
・Okinawa 1600 yen

*We may contact you separately depending on the number of cartons and size.

▼Shipping fee after revision (Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.)
・Kanto/Shinetsu/Tokai/Hokuriku/Kansai 1900 yen
・South Tohoku/North Tohoku/Chugoku/Shikoku 2100 yen
・Kyushu consultation required ・Hokkaido consultation required
・Okinawa consultation required

*We may contact you separately depending on the number of cartons and size.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued patronage.

[Online B2B shop information]

In addition, we have established a B2B dedicated online shop with the aim of returning as much as possible to our business partners by streamlining and streamlining our operations.

Site URL
This is a complete membership-only online shop for regular customers.
Member store registration (free) is required to use it.

The B2B shop will continue to offer free shipping for orders over 3 yen (excluding tax).
You can check the inventory 24 hours a day, and the reception time for same-day shipping is until 14:2.