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  • Precious metal necklace (PT850/SV925)

    Introducing precious metal necklaces. We are doing wire rod → knitting → assembly.

  • Precious metal jewelry parts

    Introducing precious metal parts such as sliders, pull rings, hooks, and plate dharma.

  • Back metal fittings, bra metal fittings, pipes

    We introduce back metal fittings, bra metal fittings, and pipes.

  • Resin earrings

    Accessory parts that are gentle on the skin and allow you to enjoy fashionable ears.You can develop a series as a tourist souvenir by pasting local specialties.

  • Ring parts

    Introducing ring parts.

  • Clasp

    A mouthpiece that is ideal for making original pouches and gamaguchi goods. A base with a cute round ball like a candy ball.

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  • Meal plate/frame

    Our original design of popular resin accessories and handmade meal plates and frames.

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  • Mini suspender clip

    A versatile clip that can be used for various purposes such as handmade masks, hat clips, and neck straps.

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  • Silicone ring for multi-marker

    Cute markings for your favorite things! It is a convenient mark part that allows you to quickly see your umbrella and drink.

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  • Multi frame

    Just transform the printed acrylic plate into a stylish frame! You can create your own picture frame up to the inclusion and name on the frame.

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  • Hair elastic

    You can make hair accessories for women by combining acrylic charms and metal decorative parts.Great for gifts and handouts.

  • Bag in hook (mobile hook/key clip) 

    It is a convenient and stylish charm that you can quickly take out your mobile phone or key from your handbag.

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21 ofThere are products.

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