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Catalog No .: OEM6117

Dekosuta! (Original modified card stand) ◆

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Dekosuta! (Original modified card stand) ◆
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A completely original decoration card that allows you to easily create and decorate cards and instax without removing the metal fittings like a conventional card stand, and you can freely create designs and shapes for cards that you use occasionally but want to decorate. It is a stand.
It can be manufactured according to the size of the card or check, and by changing the thickness of the acrylic plate sandwiched inside, it can also be used for thick cards with embossed numbers such as fan club membership cards. Therefore, it is also recommended to sell it as a set with a limited card or one limited check.

If you change the shape of the acrylic inside, you can also propose a business card stand, colored paper stand, or calendar stand.

Product codeOEM6117
body sizeReference size: W105 x H60 x D5 (mm)
* Can be freely adjusted according to the card size, design, and application.
MaterialBody: Acrylic
Metal parts: brass
Insert nameYes (full color UV printing)
OthersMade in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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"Dekosuta!" Is an acrylic "stand" that can "decorate" collection goods such as cards.
Moreover!You can make any shape design depending on the size and thickness of the goods.


Very easy to use.Just insert the card from above!
It can be taken out immediately, so it is used occasionally such as member's cards, but it is for cards that you want to decorate.
It is an excellent item that can be displayed even on hard and thick paper such as coasters and colored paper.

[Standard card stand type]
Since it can be manufactured according to the size of the card or check, a thick card with embossed numbers can also be included.
Also supports vertical design cards such as trading cards!


[Type with back for instax]
Excellent stability with a back!Recommended for decorating soft and bendable paper such as bromide and instax.
You can also make the back with your favorite design and free shape.


[Card frame type]
Click here for cards and bromides that you want to decorate more carefully!Protect both sides with acrylic.
It is also recommended to enclose the fan club membership card when it is delivered and sell it as a set.


[Mini colored paper stand and calendar / coaster stand]
By changing the shape of the acrylic plate sandwiched inside, you can decorate the coaster of the cafe or sell it as a calendar.
You can also stand up and decorate colored paper for 120 mm square size.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Print on off-the-shelf products

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: 10 days for sample, 20 days for mass production


Delivery in a mount or OPP bag is also possible.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to sell with a card set.


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here
It is a recommended size template that supports design production and printing work.

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