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Cool pad ◆

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Cool pad ◆
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A cooling pad that can be used repeatedly by cooling it in a freezer.
It can be used not only to cool your hot body on hot summer days, but also to cool it when you have a cold.

How to use
 ・ Put this product directly in the freezer and let it cool for at least XNUMX hour.
 ・ When it has cooled sufficiently, use it for cold shipping or cooling the head when sudden heat is generated.
 ・ When it becomes lukewarm, cool it in the side freezer before use.
 ・ If it is too cold, wrap it in a towel etc.

Summer season season sports nursing

Product code5302–7
MaterialCover = PVC, content liquid = carboxymethyl cellulose, distilled water
Body colorBlue
Insert namePossible
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