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acrylic stand clip

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acrylic stand clip
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Freely replace the acrylic stand,
It is a 2WAY clip that can be customized.

If you insert the acrylic with the open side down, it becomes an "acrylic stand"
"Acrylic clip" when acrylic is inserted with the closed side down
It will be.

You can hold a memo in the stand state and put it together with a clip.
For small useful items.

Since acrylic can change the pattern on both sides,
Even if you put a name or logo on the front and a character or photo on the back
I recommend it because of the three-dimensional design.

Of course, acrylic is delivered in a set state,
If you leave it in pieces, it will fit in a small capsule.

MaterialPlate: acrylic
Clip body: PC, Clip spring: POM
Body colorClip: clear
Insert nameYes (acrylic plate)
Other Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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2WAY clip that can be customized by replacing the acrylic stand freely


Put your name, logo, event title, etc. on the front,
It is recommended to put a pattern on the back for a three-dimensional effect!
By making multiple purchases for each character or person,
You can freely change the combination.


When the open side is down, it becomes an acrylic stand.
Keychains that are difficult to prop up when shooting can also be used as a stand by adding parts.
It can also be used as a memo stand.
You can freely change the combination by making and purchasing multiple items for each character or person.
*Because the body of the clip is slim, it may
You may fall easily.


If you turn the open side down, it becomes an acrylic clip.
It can also be used as a mini clip to hold a bunch of memos together.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original shape

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 20 days
Acrylic thickness 3mm, laser cut  


You can also make an original mount design.


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here
It is a recommended size template that supports design production and printing work.

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