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Glass bottle
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Catalog No.: 5013

Glass bottle

A mini glass bottle suitable for charms such as key chains and straps.
Packed with star sand, natural stones, etc., an original mobile charm for your area,
It can be used as a handicraft material that can be decorated by the user by adding colored beads and charms.

Also, a colorful lid and ring are available as an option.
It features an abundant product lineup that is reminiscent of the PANTONE color series of apparel and fashion miscellaneous goods.

Unless otherwise specified, a standard cork lid is included (ring not included).
You can also order a separate lid or ring only.

Product code5013
body sizeCylinder (Large): φ16 x H35mm
Cylinder (small): φ12 x H24mm
Square: W14 x H23 x D14mm
Heart: W22.5 x H25 x D11mm
Star: W20 x H23 x D11mm
MaterialBody: glass
Cork lid: cork
Color lid/coloring: ATBC-PVC
Body colorBody: transparent
Lid/Ring: White/Blue/Pink/Yellow/Orange/Red/Green/Purple/Black
Insert nameImproper
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