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Compact mirror (with drop) ◆

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Compact mirror (with drop) ◆
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There is an edge on the outer circumference of the front surface of the product, and on the inside of the edge (drop surface)
Acrylic or potting sticker (separate consultation required) can be attached,
You can also decorate with rhinestones.

Character goods, brand miscellaneous goods, novelties,
It can be widely used for handicraft craft materials.

The mirror is a double-page spread, and one side is the same size and the other side is a magnifying glass.
It is also useful for eye makeup and makeup retouching.

Product code6115
body size73mm with round drop
: W73 x H77 x D8mm (approx. 56g)
62mm round drop chrome
: W62 x H66 x D8mm (approx. 40g)
60mm square drop chrome
: W60 x H67 x D8mm (approx. 56g)
72 * 52 oval drop chrome
: W72 x H64 x D8mm (approx. 45g)
65 * 71 Heart drop chrome
: W71 x H69 x D8mm (approx. 49g)
68 * 75 Chrome with cat drop
: W81 x H68 x D8mm (approx. 54g)
MaterialCase: Iron mirror: Glass
Body colorChrome plating
* Gold (substitute) is also available for the round 73 mm only.
Insert namePossible (dome seal, plate pasting, etc.)
Quality standardsB-XNUMXClick here for quality standards
OthersTwo-sided mirror arrangement (ordinary mirror and magnifying glass)
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There is an edge on the outer circumference of the front surface of the product, and a plate or sticker can be attached to the inner surface (drop surface) of the edge.
You can decorate with rhinestones.

UV printing on die-cut acrylic and sticking it on the drop surface completes the original mirror!
The drop surface has few uneven plating and scratches, and it is a beautiful specification, so even if you make a design without it and make use of the mirror surface specification ◎

By combining different materials, you can create a more luxurious feeling.
Even if the leather is stamped or foil stamped, and the wood is parqueted or laser engraved, the originality will come out.

It can also be used as a material for decorating with resin and rhinestones, and for making original goods easily.
It is recommended.


Compact mirror drop series (XNUMX types in total)

Compact mirror drop series (XNUMX types in total)

Example of finished product



When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original design

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 20 days
Acrylic thickness 1mm, full color printing



You can also put it in an OPP bag, or a blister pack or box for high-priced products.


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