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Acrylic can badge stand

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Acrylic can badge stand
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You can decorate your favorite can badge stylishly,
Acrylic can badge stand.

Can badges with your favorite pattern and special processing that is trending now,
You can also stand up and decorate the can badge of memories made in the workshop.

You can freely make the size, shape, and color of the hole for the can badge.

In addition to this, we also accept inquiries for original can badges,
It is also recommended to deliver as a set.

MaterialBody: Acrylic
Metal parts: brass
Insert namePossible
Other Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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An acrylic can badge stand that can display your favorite pattern on the table.


It's very easy to assemble!
Just stack them with the larger hole in the middle facing up, fit the leg parts, and screw them in place.
You can put the can badge from the front and lean it up to decorate it.

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