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Catalog No.: 6024

Acrylic Photo Cube ◆

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Acrylic Photo Cube ◆
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Photo Cube Acrylic Cube Memorial Cube Crystal Photo Cube Photo Block Paper Weight Coaster Wedding Celebration Anniversary Graduation Anniversary Pet Photo Photograph Travel Photo Anime

A high-class printing product with a cube that has a simple shape but high transparency and thickness.
It is a product for interiors with very beautiful glittering reflections even when viewed from various angles.
You can enjoy a deep visual because you can see through the image printed on the back from the front.
Furthermore, if you print characters and decorative ruled lines on the front and sides, you can create a more multi-layered and three-dimensional effect.
If the photo and text are separated into front and back, the flavor of the original photo or illustration will not be impaired.
It is ideal as a festive gift or a souvenir gift as well as a memorable scene.

Product code6024
body size50 x 50 x 50 cube: W50 x H50 x D50 (mm)
90 x 90 x 20 rectangular parallelepiped: W90 x H90 x D20 (mm)
70×103×20: W70×H103×D20 (mm)
100 x 148 x 20 postcard: W100 x H148 x D20 (mm)
80 x 70 x 20 hexagon: W80 x H70 x D20 (mm)
Tolerance: Above dimensions + 0mm / -2mm
Materialア ク リ ル
Body colorDeselect
Insert nameYes (full color UV printing)
Quality standardsA-1Click here for quality standards
Other * Please handle with care as there is a risk of injury or damage if dropped.
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Make your memorable photos and illustrations into a stylish interior!


It looks great as an interior with high transparency and glittering reflections.

Due to popular demand, the shape variations have been expanded!

Recommended as a special gift for anniversaries such as weddings, graduation / retirement commemorations!
It can be used as a paper weight or a coaster on a desktop, as a substitute for a photo frame or as a pet tablet.


You can create a sense of depth by printing photos on the back side and letters on the front side separately.
By separating the photo and the text on the top and bottom, the design of the original photo or illustration is not spoiled.


By removing the white plate around the person or the main subject, it is possible to add transparency to the surroundings of the subject.
The part that did not print white can be seen through. (White gradation expression is also possible)


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Print on off-the-shelf products

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: 10 days for sample, 15 days for mass production


*When using as a cosmetic box for product sales, we recommend the optional package shown on the right.
It is also possible to attach a sticker to the box.
Unless otherwise specified, it is a cushioning case and is not covered by the damage compensation.


Print range/template

Print range
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Introducing the company that made this product!

Ueda Dentetsu Co., Ltd.
Ueda Dentetsu Co., Ltd.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of opening
Print the illustration and logo of the railway daughter

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