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[Warning] Please beware of spoofing that pretends to be our company


[Warning] Please beware of spoofing that pretends to be our company

Thank you for using our service.

Currently, it pretends to be our online shop or our SNS
It has been confirmed that there was a "spoofing act" by a third party,
"I did not receive the product I purchased (from a mail-order site that seems to be a spoof)"
"I received a direct message from an impersonation account" etc.
I have also received a bug report.

Please be careful not to fall victim to fraud.

▼ The website and SNS operated by Daio Seisakusho are as follows.
Please also be careful about "one character difference" in the account and site URL.

・ Official website, online shop
Daio Seisakusho website [
Daio Seisakusho B2B Shop [
Daio Seisakusho Online Shop [
Daio Seisakusho Yahoo store [
Daio Seisakusho Amazon store [

・SNS, YouTube account
Twitter [@daiomfg
Facebook [@daiomfg
Instagram [@daiomfg
YouTube [@daiomfg
Other SNS accounts can be found on the website:Daio Seisakusho SNS List

If you receive an email or direct message from a fake site or fake account,
Please delete or block the message without clicking on the URL.

In the unlikely event that you are damaged by a spoofing site,
Please consult with the police station or consumer affairs center, etc. in your jurisdiction as soon as possible.

Reference: Consumer Affairs Agency - Internet shopping trouble

We apologize for the inconvenience and concern for our customers.
Thank you for your attention.