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Asakusa Around
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Asakusa Around


I want you to enjoy learning about the surprising aspect of Asakusa, which has been producing leather shoes for nearly 150 years.Asakusa Around is an event that started from these thoughts of the workshops and local shops.

The DNA of manufacturing is alive, centering on the Okuzashiki area of ​​Asakusa, a tourist destination, and the Oku-Asakusa area, which boasts the largest production and shipment value of leather shoes in Japan. It conveys the charm of the city.We attract 1 to 5000 people each time.
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This event will be held for 12 days from December 1st (Wednesday) to 4th (Saturday).
* Our participation will be for 3 days, 4rd (Friday) and XNUMXth (Saturday).

This time, we will participate in the event at our office (2-11-6 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku).If you come to our company, we will make a name tag or a lost child tag on the spot if you wish.Customers can feel free to participate in the key chain installation process while explaining the process using a compact processing machine.The lost child tag is not only for small children, but in recent years it is a product that is in high demand as a wandering lost child countermeasure product for elderly people.
We are a company that also manufactures and sells such name-inserting machines and corresponding goods, so if you are interested in machines and name-inserting goods, please come and visit us.

[Our event period]
 Two days, December 12rd (Friday) and 3th (Saturday) Holding time 4: 10 ~ 00: 17

[Our event content]
 ● Production of lost card (You can take it home by custom processing!)
 ● Introduction of name-insertion processing machines and related goods
 ● A playable workshop made with a walnut button
 Only showroom tours are available on the 1st (Wednesday) and 2nd (Thursday).
 (Available time from 10:00 to 17:00)

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