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Biomass multi-tray [MAPKA]

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Biomass multi-tray [MAPKA]
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MAPKA Biomass Environmental Tray

This product uses "MAPKA", which is made mainly from paper.

MAPKA reduces greenhouse gases by about XNUMX% in the production process compared to conventional plastics made from petroleum.
In addition, not only can fossil resources be halved (reduced) by using eco-friendly materials that contain paper powder as the main raw material, but in principle, MAPKA containers, packaging, and molded products are treated as paper products, so they are disposed of as combustible garbage or combustible garbage. becomes possible. *Please follow local government rules.
Since the calories burned are lower than those of general-purpose resins, it is difficult to damage the combustion furnace and it is an earth-friendly product.

body size175*82
MaterialBiomass paper (waste paper) 50-59% Other polypropylene
Body colorwhite
Insert namePossible
ROHS standardAcknowledged
OthersBiomass No.080034
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Since the main raw material is paper, you can draw beautifully with pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and paints.
Original designs can be printed in a single color.

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