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 "Acrylic linked key chain" for sale at the venue

Acrylic linked keychain
Five Arrows Inc.
Craft and range
  • Acrylic linked keychain
Processing method
  • Full color printing/assembly
  • Secret sale bags
Purpose of use/application
Merchandise merchandise at the venue (400 yen)
Delivery date
28 days
Minimum lot
500 days
Order history

As a merchandise to be sold at the game venue, we wanted to sell small items that used the team's uniform design for less than 500 yen. As an optimal product that can be sold from our company in a gacha format, if the acrylic material that can be produced by cutting the material in any shape and cutting it into a free shape, the size can be adjusted according to your budget, and it can also be designed for players. I would like to inform you that it is possible to respond and it is recommended.

He said that he is just starting the announcement activity, and he is very excited about the reaction from the fans. During the production of this goods, we introduced some other products, and we were pleased that the idea of ​​small goods spread. We are considering a mini picture frame for the next product launch, and we would be honored if you could cooperate with us in the next opportunity to create attractive products such as designs.

Uniform carabiner

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