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Interview: Aqua Gallery Co., Ltd.

JAUS symposium event memorabilia

Craft and range
  • Aluminum capsule keychain
  • Planning/Production
Processing method
Aluminum cutting + laser marking
Purpose of use/application
Event memorabilia
Delivery date
15 days
Minimum lot
I would like to ask about the plan outline

It was planned as a souvenir of the event of JAUS (Japan Underwater Science Society). The aluminum capsule of Daio Seisakusho was similar to a diving tank, so I thought it was a perfect memorial to JAUS.

This time there was not much delivery time, it was about two weeks, but it was said that we can handle the delivery time including the name insertion, so I ordered it.

At first, I thought about engraving as a method of putting in the name, but the salesperson's recommendation is laser marking that considers the finish (look) and the delivery date. Contrary to the engraving, the contrast with the glossy part was visible and I think it was beautiful.

JSUS event event souvenir
Regarding the impression you ordered from us this time

I got to know Daio Seisakusho through the introduction of an acquaintance. This time, one of the key points was the quick delivery, but I think it was good that we were able to quickly and smoothly respond to actual samples.

I saw some online shops, but there are so many products. Convenient goods are fun to watch. There are a lot of accessory parts, but I think it would be fun if you could use them to introduce products made by users.


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