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Interview: Yoko Uchida

Crude goods sent to those who responded to the questionnaire at New Education Expo

Craft and range
  • Felt tablet case
  • Planning/Production
Processing method
Felt sewing processing + laser marking
Purpose of use/application
Event memorabilia
Delivery date
45 days
Minimum lot
How was the reaction after the introduction?

The introduction of tablet PCs in educational settings is rapidly progressing, so I think that the tablet cases were of great interest to customers.

It has been well received by customers for its suitability for tablet PCs such as iPad and Surface. There were also people who wrote questionnaires for this purpose.

Did you see the reaction after introducing it?
What are your thoughts on the request?
Regarding the impression you ordered from us this time

Since there were a wide variety of colors available, we were able to match the theme colors of the event, and we were able to produce novelties with high originality in a timely manner.


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