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A smartphone fall prevention ring that uses the old shop logo

Azabumi RefrigerationMr
Offerings and scope
  • Smartphone fall prevention ring
  • Planning proposal/production
Processing method
Printing with UV printer
Purpose of use/application
For store sales
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

About Asami ReizoNagatoro Ale canWe are interested in our OEM products through and cooperate with the production of various original goods for store sales.

This time of our product"Smartphone fall prevention ring"We used the UV printer to print the old logo as it is, and proposed it as a packaged finished product incorporating the design of the signboard on the mount.

I received a lot of suggestions from Asami Reizo, and I am happy that the range of merchandise as a store has expanded.

It even suggests that the product will be packaged, so you can imagine where it will actually be displayed in the store at an early stage.

Signs and logos from which products and packages are based

Products used


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