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A miniature bottle with a name to give thanks as a gift

Original miniature bottle with name
Concept Plus Co., Ltd.
Craft and range
  • Named miniature bottle
  • Design/Production
Processing method
Label design printing
Purpose of use/application
For presents to our customers
Delivery date
15 days
Minimum lot
Original miniature bottle

Recommended for novelty Japanese and Western sakeMiniature bottlesIs a bottle-shaped charm with a height of 100 cm.The sticker part that represents the brand can be made with an original design such as a name. We also support small lots such as 3 pieces.This time, we were talking to a customer who was indebted to us, so we were able to produce a small number of XNUMX items.It has a cute size compared to the actual bottle, and can be used as a bottle keeper just by hooking it on the bottle.

Miniature bottles
Label design

The label design was specified in advance as "with this kind of image", and we designed it to match the atmosphere. I used a typeface with a Japanese image and a Japanese pattern for the background design, and made it to match the atmosphere of sake.

Miniature bottles

Products used


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