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 Resin accessories workshop

Resin accessories workshop 1a
Tokyu Department StoreMr
Craft and range
  • Resin accessories
Processing method
  • UV resin solution
  • UV light
Purpose of use/application
Children's clothing department event
Delivery date
30 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

A workshop where you can make popular resin accessories!

You can make your own bag charms and pendants by enclosing your favorite photos, illustration papers, charms, etc. and pouring UV resin liquid into them to cure them.You can make charms by decorating not only our original meal plate but also transparent squirrels.

It is a workshop where you can enjoy choosing decorations and get a sense of accomplishment by making your own.Not only children but also adults can enjoy it.

Resin accessories workshop 1b

Products used

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