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 Visit point "Multi-stand" as a free gift

Shinshu Brave Warriors_Multiframe Main
Shinshu Brave WarriorsMr
Craft and range
  • Multi stand
Processing method
  • Multi-frame UV Inkjet 4C printing
  • Secret sale bags
Purpose of use/application
Visit point benefits
Delivery date
20 days
Minimum lot
Background of the project

We proposed a new product "Acrylic Multi Stand" that can express player photos and emblems in full color and can be made in freestyle, but we will give it to customers who have a team membership card in exchange for points. Please use it as a goods.
This product is not just an acrylic stand, but also has an acrylic pin badge and a function as a memo stand, making it attractive for a variety of uses.
Since we sent the product samples in advance, we were able to proceed smoothly from the design decision to mass production.
I am very pleased to hear that the simple design with a single color emblem to complement the player's picture is popular.
It was said that it would be sold in secret, so we delivered it in an invisible aluminum-deposited bag inside.
We were pleased that we were able to immediately distribute the delivered products as they were.
We will continue to propose products that are easy to develop for each player in a secret sales format and products that correspond to small lots. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shinshu Brave Warriors_Multi Stand 01

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