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2017 Regional Development Cooperation Team Collaboration Project [Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture]
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2017 Regional Development Cooperation Team Collaboration Project [Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture]

Through "making things and things"
Based on the concept of raising "people"
With Daio Seisakusho, which has abundant know-how in "making things and things"
A local revitalization team full of "ideas" collaborated
We aim for a virtuous cycle of regional development by rediscovering "sleeping treasures".

I know the charm of the area, but I don't know how to publicize it.
I don't know what kind of product to make...
I don't know how to develop it in the first place...

With those who have such concerns and want to "liven up the area"
Collaboration with Daio Seisakusho with know-how that has been manufacturing for many years
Become familiar with “experiences” that can solve local issues
It is a collaborative business that creates unprecedented "products".

In 2017
Please call out to the two members of the local cooperation team
We collaborated with [Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture (Sareya District, Shimotan District, Nakayama Town)].

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[FY2017: Regional Development Cooperation Team Collaboration Project]Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture

This time, we conducted a collaboration project in the form of all four seminars.

From the idea, we will proceed with the goal of making actual products
By adding the value of “experience” to products, we will solve the problems faced by the region.
We have conducted a collaboration business that links such "product development" to "experience creation."

Iyo City Collaboration Project XNUMX

In Step 1, we invited two people from the "Regional Development Cooperation Team" in Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture, who will be collaborating this time, to the Tokyo Office of Daio Manufacturing. Therefore, we explained the outline and strengths of our company, and saw that we can actually make "things" using the prototype in-house.

In the second half, we asked people to tell us what they think is the charm of the area, and we conducted brainstorming on the theme of “souvenirs” and confirmed the direction of the theme.

Iyo City Collaboration Project 2

In STEP2, our employees guided us to the treasure hunt where we could actually go to the local area in order to give a souvenir to the local attractions that the local cooperation volunteers know.

The casual scenes of everyday life were very attractive, as we actually talked to local residents and received rice using local ingredients. While touching on the charm of such a region, the problems and issues facing the region gradually become apparent.

Iyo City Collaboration Project 3

We will create a "thing (product) to something (experience)" by considering a system that can solve regional issues by using "product (thing)". In STEP3, we actually used prototypes and examined "shape and design" and "operation mechanism/experience value" while involving local residents.

Iyo City Collaboration Project 4

We were given the opportunity to have a deep discussion with the residents, local companies, and the administration about the future.
While connecting from things to things, we expressed the voice of “what to do” to convey the charm of the area.

[Production (manufacturing) that leads to experience]
Iyo City Collaboration Project 5
[Windmill clear file]
"Sedani yellow hills" where the surface of rape blossoms is created every year by local residents
However, there was a problem that flowers were not blooming due to continuous cropping problems.
Therefore, I was born from the idea of ​​giving away a clear file that will be a windmill at emigration fairs and festivals, and making "Yellow hills all year round" with residents and people who came to the emigration fair.
The windmill is on the front side, and the back side is a sugoroku where you can play with a map of the Sarayani area.

[Manhole coaster]
There is a company in Iyo City that originated from "Yagisugi" used in homes.
I made a manhole coaster that burned the design of a local manhole, as I was thinking if I could do anything with the waste materials that appeared there.
It was born from the desire to be practical and talked about.

[Acrylic Photo Props]
"Shimonada Station" famous for the sunset
Many tourists come to watch the sunset every day.
However, there were problems such as not having a memorial at Shimonada station, which is an unmanned station, and too many people to take the best shot.
So, while making it a souvenir, I made photoprops with acrylic, saying that if you hold it over the sunset or the sea, you can "make Shimonada station anywhere". We negotiated to put the sales outlet in a coffee shop in front of Shimonada station.

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