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 New products for store sales

New products for store sales
Asami refrigeration
Craft and range
  • Pen holder: Printed acrylic plate attached
  • Mini picture frame: Magnet type/Stand type
Processing method
  • Pen holder: Acrylic board printing/pasting
  • Mini picture frame: printing and assembly
Purpose of use/application
Goods for store sales
Delivery date
25 days
Minimum lot
Quality standards
Background of the project

About Asami ReizoNagatoro Ale canI was able to connect with us through.

Since then, we have cooperated in the planning and production of various original goods for store sales.

This time, we printed the logo of a store that has a long history of Azai Refrigerator, and it is our new product, which is excellent in practicality."Pen holder"With a high interior that can be used on a desk or in the refrigerator"Mini picture frame"Was produced.
Mr. Asami Reizo is very interested in making goods that customers will appreciate, and we have received various opinions and suggestions not only about the goods themselves but also about the design, which is a stimulus for us.

Mini picture frame/pen holder

Products used


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