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Steel can case◆

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Steel can case◆
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An iron can case with a flat top lid that makes UV printing easy.

Flat round cans whose size can be selected depending on the thickness of the product, such as sweets or stickers.
A small mini slide case that can also be used to store household medicines and accessories.
The square case has a cute roundness and is easy to open and close.
Available in XNUMX types and XNUMX sizes.

Tin cans φ73mm (shallow/deep) are also available in colorful types.
It has a pop finish that is different from the silver color.

Product code6305
body sizeMini slide case S: ​​W60 x H34 x D11mm
Mini slide case M: W71 x H41 x D13mm
Mini slide case L: W80 x H50 x D14mm
Tin can φ73mm Shallow: φ73×H24mm
Tin can φ73mm Depth: φ73×H35mm
Tin can φ105mm: φ105×H41mm
Tin can case: W102 x H81 x D24mm
Mini slide case: Tin free steel *1
Tin can cylindrical type, tin can case: tin *2
Body colorSilver (Nashiji)
Tin cans φ73mm Shallow/Deep only, colors can be changed starting from 500 pieces
Insert namePossible (full color UV printing/silk printing)
*For UV printing, primer treatment is required on the base.
Quality standardsA-1Click here for quality standards
Others*1 Tin free steel
An alternative surface-treated steel sheet that does not use tin as specified in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) G3315.It does not contain harmful substances such as lead or cadmium, can be reused as iron, and is easily recycled.
It is a material that is resistant to rust and corrosion, and the paint does not easily peel off.

*2 Tinplate
Surface-treated steel plate with tin plating.
Not only does it have a beautiful luster, but it is also lightweight, durable, and water resistant, and is used in a variety of things, including canned goods, food cans, kitchen utensils, electrical parts, and toys.
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steel can case

This is an iron can case with a flat top lid that makes UV printing easy.

Line Up

  • Mini slide case S
    Mini slide case S
    Size: :W60×H34×D11mm
    Material: Tin free steel
    (Silver color/Nashiji)
    Lid: sliding type
  • Mini slide case M
    Mini slide case M
    Size: :W71×H41×D13mm
    Material: Tin free steel
    (Silver color/Nashiji)
    Lid: sliding type
  • Mini slide case L
    Mini slide case L
    Size: :W80×H50×D14mm
    Material: Tin free steel
    (Silver color/Nashiji)
    Lid: sliding type
  • Tin can φ73mm shallow
    Tin can φ73mm shallow
    Material: Tin (Nashiji)
    Lid: Covered type
  • Tin can φ73mm depth
    Tin can φ73mm depth
    Material: Tin (Nashiji)
    Lid: Covered type
  • Tin can φ105mm
    Tin can φ105mm
    Material: Tin (Nashiji)
    Lid: Covered type
  • tin can case
    tin can case
    Size: :W102×H81×D24mm
    Material: Tin (Nashiji)
    Lid: hinge type



Full-color UV printing allows you to print illustrations and photos on the lid!
It is also possible to create a sparkling effect that takes advantage of the metallic feel of the can.
*Note 1: UV printing requires primer treatment on the base.

Basic designs such as logos and emblems printed in one or two colors are also available◎

Tin cans φ73mm Shallow/Deep only, starting from 500 pieces, body color can be changed.

We also recommend adding stickers, charms, etc. and selling them as a set!

*We do not handle food packaging, so please prepare your own.
If you would like to include stickers, cards, or our products as inclusions, or if you would like to request the enclosure work, please contact us.
Please contact your sales representative.

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When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original design

Minimum lot: Silver…100 pieces~, Color…500 pieces~
Reference delivery time: Sample approximately 10 days, mass production approximately 2-3 weeks



We also support OPP bagging and blind packaging.


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