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Catalog No.: 6304

Font tab/smartphone strap holder◆

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Font tab/smartphone strap holder◆
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A strap holder that prevents the smartphone from falling off simply by placing it in the smartphone case.
Available in XNUMX colors including basic white and black, and clear font tab only.
It is also possible to engrave your name, such as a brand logo, using silk printing.

"Fontab" is made of environmentally friendly non-phthalate material.
Adjustable length that can be worn around the neck or across the shoulder
"Type with strap" that comes with a strap,
Available in XNUMX types: seat-only type without strap
You can choose.

Not only does it play a role in preventing falls, but it can also be used as a charm or key chain.
It can also be used as an installation part.

Product code6304
body sizeFontab…H110×W55×thickness 0.7mm
Strap holder for smartphone [no strap type]
…H57×W58.5×thickness 0.5mm
Strap holder for smartphone [type with strap]
…Sheet: H38 x W58 x Thickness 0.7mm
Strap string: Maximum 800mm, thickness 6mm
MaterialFontab... Sheet: Non-phthalate PVC, Eyelet: Brass
Strap holder for smartphone [no strap type]
...Seat outside: TPU, seat inside: Nylon, eyelet: Brass
Strap holder for smartphone [type with strap]
…Sheet: Nylon
Body colorWhite, black, clear (font tab only)
Insert namePossible
Normal delivery timeSample XNUMX weeks, mass production XNUMX weeks
Quality standardsA-1Click here for quality standards
ROHS standardAcknowledged
OthersSmartphone strap holders (XNUMX types) are compatible with UV printing, but if hard ink is used, they may crack or peel easily.
We recommend printing with soft ink.
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Font tab/Smartphone strap holder

Just put it in the case!Items to prevent smartphones from falling

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XNUMX. Fontab
Made in Japan with our original shape and safe and secure.
It is an environmentally friendly product as it uses RoHS2 compliant non-phthalate PVC.
This is recommended if you want to print in full color with a large image.

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XNUMX. Strap holder for smartphone [no strap type]
Protected by TPU, it feels nice to the touch and is durable.

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XNUMX. Strap holder for smartphone [type with strap]
A neck strap is included in the set, so you can sell it as a complete product.


Just put the font tab in the case and put it on!It can be easily removed.

Depending on the shape of the case and charging port, the phone tab may easily come off and may not be usable.
Please check the shape of the case you are using in advance.

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When you want to put a name or make an original design

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Minimum lot: Ready-made products...100 pieces~, Color/Original shape...1000 pieces~
Reference delivery time: Sample approximately 2-4 weeks Mass production approximately 3 weeks



We also support the creation of OPP bags and mounts.


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