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Autograph band ◆

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Autograph band ◆
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Rubber Band Rubber Band Wrist Band Bracelet

A wristband that leaves memories of handshake events with artists and idols

If you have it wrapped around your arm or write a sign or message with a pen
The distance with the fans will be closer to you than in an ordinary autograph session.
You can easily wear autographed goods when you participate in the event.
There is no doubt that it will be even more exciting than usual!
You can carry it around by putting it on your bag or backpack.

Full UV full color printing is supported
Idols that couldn't be expressed with a rubber band
You can express the detailed pictures and illustrations of the characters as you like.
You can also change the color and design of the band for each performance and venue.

The phosphorescent type that shines in a dark place can create a sense of unity in a live venue.

Introducing the XL type, which is one size larger in response to requests!

Product code5902–2
body sizeNormal type: W210 x H20 x D3 (mm)
XL size: W246 x H20 x D3 (mm)
There may be some individual differences in size due to the nature of the material.
MaterialBody: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Hook: Brass / Iron, ABS (for XL size)
Body colorPhosphorescent / Black / White / Clear
Colors can be changed with clear full-color printing.
Insert nameAvailable (silk printing: 1 color printing or UV printing: full color)
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
Other Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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As a handshake event and autograph session for interacting with fans and as live goods!


Express every detail of idols and characters!
Since it supports full-scale UV full-color printing, it could not be expressed with the rubber band that had been used until now.
You can create a sense of transparency as you like by expressing detailed photographs and illustrations.
You can also change the color and design of the band depending on the venue, performance, and date.


The phosphorescent type that shines in a dark place can create a sense of unity in a live venue.
It is recommended to use black printing to enhance the design.


The XL type, which is one size larger, has a XNUMX-hole design that is easy to wear for both small and large people.


Recommended usage


How to use Autograph Band
Not only can you change the body color for each venue, but you can also change the design.
You can put pictures, illustrations and logos in full color, and it has an expressive power that you can not do with existing rubber bands.
You can attach it to your arm and use it immediately at the live of the day, and with a great sense of unity, both fans and artists are motivated!


How to use
[Trading band]
Signs and messages can be written on the main unit with an oil-based pen, so if you enter a handwritten message, it will stimulate fans' ambition!
If you make the main body in different colors, you may be able to play a mini game, such as having each hand raised for each color during the live!


How to use
[Sign band]
When you interact with your fans at autograph sessions and hand-overs, and gently wrap them around your wrist along with a handshake, the distance between the fans and the artist will be closer and more natural than in the usual event.
If you write a sign or a single message on the main body, memories of the handshake event will remain in shape, a special item for fans♡


How to use
[Venue limited band]
There is a high degree of freedom in changing colors and designs, so you can change the message for each date, venue name, and venue, or create a design that takes advantage of the local characteristics.
It is a hook type that can be easily attached not only to the wrist but also to the bag and backpack, and the place where no mounting bracket is required is not attractive to the rubber band!



We will deliver it in the package selected from here.
You can also make an original mount design.


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