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Biomass smartphone stand [CNF]

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Biomass smartphone stand [CNF]
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Cellulose Nanofiber Smartphone Stand Paper CNF Environment SDGs

Cellulose nanofibers are nano-sized (1 nm is one millionth of 1 mm) ultrafine fibers made from plants such as wood, and have the following various characteristics.
・ 1/5 lighter than steel and more than 5 times stronger than steel
・ Due to its excellent toughness, it is tenacious and hard to crack.
・ Difficult to conduct electricity due to excellent insulation
・ Due to its excellent biodegradability, it is rapidly decomposed by microorganisms in the ground.
・ Sustainable resources with low environmental impact because they are derived from plants
-Good workability, and can be bent, drawn, etc.
・ Surface treatment is also possible, and painting and adhesion are possible.
*As it is made of 100% paper, it may deform due to moisture.

Especially with regard to biodegradability, there are experimental results that decomposed faster than ordinary paper, so it can be said that it is a material that is friendly to the global environment. Nowadays, there is a demand for "de-plasticization", and it is a material that is attracting attention as an alternative material to plastic.
In addition, the Ministry of the Environment will focus on cellulose nanofibers and use CNF-reinforced utilization materials (composite resins, etc.) that are the basis of various products to effectively reduce CO2. We are promoting a CNF performance evaluation model business for the purpose of.

body size120 * 60mm / 80 * 60mm
Material100% paper [cellulose nanofiber]
Body colorWhite system
Insert namePossible
ROHS standardAcknowledged
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Since the cellulose nanofiber plate can be cut with a laser, it is possible to handle original shapes and sizes.
In addition, full-color printing is possible with the original design.

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