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Catalog No.: 5209-2

Felt pass case ◆

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Felt pass case ◆
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A light and slim pass case made of soft felt that is easy to touch.
Since it is cut and engraved by laser processing, the initial cost and unit price of the original design are low, making it ideal for promotional items and handouts.

You can choose from 46 colors in any size and shape, and you can choose from XNUMX color combinations. It is a completely original product that allows you to freely enter your name and express your design by laser cutting and engraving.

Product code5209–2
body sizeW65 x H107 x thickness 4 mm
MaterialPolyester felt
Body colorYou can freely choose from 46 colors.
Insert nameYes (laser engraving)
Normal delivery timeOEM delivery time: XNUMX month
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There are various sizes and colors to suit your needs, and you can freely change the shape.
You can also enter your name and express your original design.


It is possible to put a name and design expression on the surface of the felt with a watermark pattern or engraving by laser processing.
(The engraved part will be one step darker)


The bicolor combination is cute!
You can choose your favorite combination from 46 colors of felt


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Free shape, free color, free laser engraving

Minimum lot: 500 pieces ~

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↓ You can download a design template that supports the production of original goods. (Illustrator format)

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Introducing the company that made this product!

Sakura pot Nakae
Sakura pot Nakae

Image of "horse" and "sakura"
Designed with a pass case

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