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PU (synthetic leather) compact mirror series
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Catalog No.: 5707

PU (synthetic leather) compact mirror series

With UV printer support, you can quickly create fashionable accessories by printing cute illustrations and anime characters.
With a size that is convenient for carrying around, you can print on the entire surface of the leather part.
A wide variety of shapes are available, and the names of sweets that are similar to each shape are given!

[Magnifying glass type]
It comes with a 2x mirror, which is convenient for fine makeup such as eye makeup!
・70×70 square type (cracker)
・62×85 square type (Monaca)
・72φ round shape (pancake)
・ 62φ round shape (cookie)
・80×55 oval type (Duck Words)
・ 80 × 70 heart shape (Palmier)

[Single-sided mirror type]
Since printing is on one side, both production cost and product cost are the highest!
・ 75φ round single side (biscuit)

[Pill case type]
A cute palm-sized pill case.Practicality!
・ Pill case 62φ round type (macaron)

Product code5707
body size70 x 70 square (cracker)
: W70 x H72 x D12mm (approx. 67g)
62 x 85 square type (Monaka)
: W62 x H86 x D10mm (approx. 85g)
72φ round shape (pancake)
: W72 x H75 x D12mm (approx. 60g)
62φ round shape (cookie)
: W62 x H64 x D11mm (approx. 43g)
80 x 55 oval (Dacquoise)
: W80 x H57 x D11mm (approx. 52g)
75φ round single side (biscuit)
: W75 x H75 x D6mm (approx. 24g)
Pill case 62φ round type (macaron)
: W62 x H64 x D19mm (approx. 45g)
80 x 70 heart-shaped (Palmier)
: W80 x H74 x D11mm (approx. 65g)
MaterialSurface leather: Synthetic leather (PU) Body: ABS Mirror: Glass
Body colorChrome plating
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There are XNUMX variations!Each shape has a sweet name!



[About the back of the printing surface of the PU compact mirror]

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