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Mini canvas
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Catalog No.: 5708-2

Mini canvas

We will make an original cute palm-sized canvas!

We will make original mini canvas with photos, illustrations, paintings, captions, etc.
At our company, we can print the design according to the image on the canvas with a UV printer, so mass production is safe!
Since the canvas is attached to the wooden frame, it is of a quality that can be used as a real canvas even if it is small,
A small easel that matches the canvas is also included!

We also accept design requests, so
If you have any problems with the design, please feel free to contact us.

Recommended industries

  • Anime character

  • Pet

  • bridal

  • Tourism and souvenirs

Product code5708 2
body sizeMini canvas: W50×H70mm (thickness about 8mm)
Corresponding easel: About W51×H70mm
*Since the canvas easel is handmade, there may be individual differences in the finished size.
MaterialWooden frame: pine
Painting cloth: Cotton synthetic fiber blend
Body colorwhite
Insert namePossible
MorePrinting method: UV inkjet printing (CMYK) *The printed surface is white.
"Mini easel" is included.
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We will make an original cute palm-sized canvas!


A small easel is always included!


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


パ ッ ケ ー ジ

パ ッ ケ ー ジ
We will deliver it in the package selected from here.


Print range/template

Print range
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Printing method

This is an introduction video of the printing method! It will be delivered in printed form!



Introducing the company that made this product!
Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

For sale in own shop
As a novel railway goods
Mini picture frame and mini canvas

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