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Catalog No.: 5916-5

Mini canvas ◆

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Mini canvas ◆
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A popular canvas art that shows off illustrations and photos on canvas fabric that supports UV printing.
We also have a wide variety of mini sizes that can be displayed on the table.

It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it's a full-fledged printing product.
It can also be used for workshops and handicrafts. 

Recommended industries

  • Anime character

  • Pet

  • bridal

  • Tourism and souvenirs

Product code5916–5
body size1. Small size with pot: W51 x H57mm (thickness about 9mm)
2. Small size without pressure point: W51 x H51mm (thickness about 9mm)
3. Medium size: W50 x H70mm (thickness about 8mm)
4. Large size: W64 x H85mm (thickness about 9mm)
5. Extra-large size: W81 x H113mm (thickness about 9mm)
MaterialOuter frame: ABS (only medium size pine)
Painting cloth: Cotton synthetic fiber blend
Body colorWhite/black (for plastic)
Insert namePossible
Quality standardsB-XNUMXClick here for quality standards
Other Printing method: UV inkjet printing (CMYK) *The printed surface is white.
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Illustrations and photos will shine on canvas fabric that supports UV printing
Popular canvas art.
It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it's a full-fledged printing product.


The frame of the popular product "Multi Frame" is stretched with canvas fabric that feels good to the touch.
The unevenness of the canvas makes it attractive in a way that is a little different from acrylic.
You can attach it to a refrigerator or locker with the magnet attached to the frame,
An optional mini easel can be used to decorate the tabletop.



*Magnets are not included with the small and medium sizes.
*Because the medium size and wooden easels are handmade, there are individual differences in the finished size.
*You can choose the frame of the plastic canvas from white or black.
*We recommend whitening when printing.


We also have large canvas

We also have large canvases
We also have many large canvases that are ideal for hanging on the wall.
Please feel free to contact us.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Print on off-the-shelf products

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: 30 weeks for sample Mass production about XNUMX days


We also recommend blind packaging in which the contents cannot be seen using aluminum vapor-deposited bags and trading sales in capsules.


Print range/template

Print range
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Printing method

This is an introduction video of the printing method! It will be delivered in printed form!



Introducing the company that made this product!
Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

For sale in own shop
As a novel railway goods
Mini picture frame and mini canvas

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