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ABS multi case
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Catalog No.: 6005

ABS multi case


The pen case, which has a wide printing surface and a white color that makes scratches less noticeable and the original print looks good, is perfect as a gift or gift for milestones such as goods, novelties, and graduations.
It's light and reasonably sized so it doesn't get in the way of your bag and is not a burden to carry.
Also, since it has a hinge, the lid and main body will not come apart.
In addition to the pen case, it can also be used as a storage case for small items and as a case for small and thin glasses such as reading glasses.

Product code6005
body sizeW188.5 x H66 x D24mm
MaterialABS resin
Body colorwhite
Insert namePossible
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Light and durable case.
Recommended for original prints due to its wide print surface and white shade that makes scratches less noticeable.


Stationery set
With the same design as the "acrylic clear ruler" and "mini sticky note book",
There is a sense of unity even with a stationary set.
* Currently, the size of the "mini sticky note book" has been changed due to changes in specifications.


For storing stationery
Compactly store the stick glue and cutter as well as the pen.


For glasses cases
It also protects thin glasses such as reading glasses.


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