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Reel key chain (with ID tag) P203 ID

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Reel key chain (with ID tag) P203 ID
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A reel key chain with an ID tag that allows you to decorate the falling surface (concave surface). An ID card case and a tag that allows the key to be attached and detached are attached.

Recommended POINT!
 1. Easy to install because it has an ID tag
 2. Comes with a clip, making it ideal for name tags and ID cases
 3. It looks great whether you use it as it is or decorate it.
  Simple design with a falling surface

As the clip is attached to the back side, you can use it by stretching the cord while it is attached to your clothes pocket or bag.
We also accept sales of individual parts, so please feel free to contact us.

Reel key holder ID case ID card holder Reel key clip Enrollment certificate

Product codeV2p020
body sizeWhole: W32 x H59 x thickness 10 mm
Body: φ32 x thickness 10mm
Triangular can: Linear 1.8 x W10 x 12 mm
Drop surface: φ20 mm
Reel stroke: approx. 60 cm
MaterialBody: ABS clip / Triangular can: Iron ID tag: PVC Cord part: Polyester
Insert nameYou can attach a full-color dome sticker
Quality standardsB-IIClick here for quality standards
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