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This section introduces our event activities at retail stores.
We also introduce various project activities such as a little sponsorship activity.
We are also looking forward to hearing from you, such as wanting us to provide our products free of charge for public relations activities.
For inquiries about each event activity, please use the inquiry form.

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On April 4th (Tuesday), we held a seminar on "Making goods talked by material specialists" at the Daio Seisakusho headquarters and online.Co-sponsored by Frontier Japan Co., Ltd., Miyuki Co., Ltd., and Roland DG Co., Ltd., it can also be used as a reference for manufacturing and new service planning that makes use of the materials and equipment handled by each company. We have introduced the know-how.
Thanks to you, the results of the participant questionnaire were generally well received.Thank you for participating in many people.

Goods making seminar


We exhibited at "Caretex Tokyo", one of the largest exhibitions in the nursing care industry, held at Tokyo Big Sight for 3 days from March 17th (Wednesday) to 19th (Friday).
We have introduced a flat-rate rental service for brain training goods for long-term care and welfare, and a lost child tag production service that displays the contact information of elderly people protected in the event of a lost child or emergency with a QR code.

[Exhibitor products]
Photo collection
Brain training goods
Autograph band
QR lost card

Caretex Tokyo 2021



We exhibited at the "2th Live Entertainment EXPO" held from February 5th (Wednesday) to February 2th (Friday) at Makuhari Messe.
I don't usually go out so much with the concept of "the mobilization of local performances is also up! The appearance of live goods that you can collect and enjoy!"Making friends at the expedition makes it even more fun to participate in live performances.We have introduced attractive goods packed with gimmicks that are happy for both fans and artists.

[Exhibitor products]
Photo collection
Photo collection
Autograph band
Autograph band
Live marker
Live marker

Live entertainment EXPO2020


We exhibited at the "2th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 5" held at the Tokyo Big Sight West / South / Aomi Exhibition Building from Wednesday, February 2th to Friday, February 7th.
In addition to protecting the zodiac signs in four languages, which are easy for foreign tourists to understand and benefit from, we also exhibited a large number of inbound merchandise such as suikoto bells and zodiac bells in four languages.

[Exhibitor products]
Zodiac Mamoru
Zodiac Mamoru
Bean Mamomori
Bean Mamomori
Daruma who has eyes
Daruma who has eyes

Tokyo Gift Show Spring 2020


We exhibited at "Print Doors 1 22th Kobundo New Year Equipment Exhibition" held at Fukiage Hall in Nagoya City from Wednesday, January 1nd to Thursday, January 23rd.
We have already introduced a printing machine for making goods, and we support customers' making goods with a consistent service system for those who are planning to introduce it.I introduced a printing machine, but I don't know what to print on. I don't know how to get parts other than printing products, so I can't finish the finished product.We have introduced products and services that can solve such "unknown" and "not fun" problems.

[Exhibitor products]
PU (synthetic leather) pass case
PU (synthetic leather) pass case
Reel keychain
Reel keychain

Kobundo New Year Equipment Exhibition



We exhibited for 6 days from November 11th (Wednesday) to November 6th (Friday) at the "New Manufacturing / New Service Exhibition" held at INTEX Osaka Building No. 11 A / B Zone.
New products, services, technologies, etc. developed by companies utilizing manufacturing subsidies will be exhibited at two venues, the Tokyo venue and the Osaka venue, and we can enjoy making original accessories with children, which was developed by this project. We have introduced a kit of the new structure of the wrapped button "Asobotan" that can be changed as many times as you like, and an example of a workshop made with your original design.

[Exhibitor products]
Asobotan Name Kit
Name Kit
Asobotan Halloween Kit
Halloween kit
Asobotan Christmas Kit
Christmas kit

SME New Manufacturing/New Service Exhibition 2019


We exhibited at the "Taito Ward Industry Fair 4" held on the 5th and 2019th floors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito Building for two days from October 10st (Thursday) to November 31st (Friday).
Taito Ward is famous for its tourist destinations of Ueno and Asakusa, but even in areas where local industries are thriving, such as a jewelery district just a short walk from Ueno and many companies making leather shoes in the northern part of Asakusa. Therefore, it was an exhibition business meeting where companies and organizations operating in Taito Ward exhibited their products and services. The number of foreign tourists is expected to increase with the 2020 Tokyo Games, and the keywords of this exhibition are "souvenirs" and "inbound". As a company headquartered in Taito Ward, foreign tourists We also exhibited goods with the motif of traditional Japanese Daruma dolls and omamori of the zodiac with foreign language notation specifications whose origin and benefits are easy to understand.

[Exhibitor products]
Zodiac Mamoru
Zodiac Mamoru
Bean Mamomori
Bean Mamomori
Daruma who has eyes
Daruma who has eyes

Taito Ward Industry Fair 2019


We exhibited as a sponsor at the "Powerlifting Championship", a muscle festival held by the Powerlifting Association on September 9th.
We delivered the memories and muscles overflowing in the venue in a miniature frame
Venue: Gold Gym Toyocho Super Center Gymnasium
Official HP:https://powerlifting.tokyo/2019plsb2nd/
[Exhibitor products]
Mini picture frame
Mini picture frame photo frame kit

Tokyo Powerlifting Championship


We exhibited at the Order Goods Business Show (OGBS2019) held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Center for two days from Friday, September 9th to Saturday, September 20st.
For customers with UV printers, white leather media with synthetic leather that transforms into luxury goods just by printing,
We have introduced the parts that allow you to make metallic original goods just by pasting acrylic cut with a laser processing machine.

[Exhibitor products]
PU (synthetic leather mirror)
PU (synthetic leather mirror)
Pill case
Pill case



We exhibited at the Tokyo Big Sight 2019 Autumn 9 days gift show from September 3 (Wednesday) to September 9 (Friday).
We are dealing with the theme of "a memorable product that can make the experience (thing) of the place (thing) the shape (thing)".Mini picture frameWe have prepared 4 tricks that you can experience with.
We also held a workshop in the booth for 4 days, with the participation of many people, outputting the favorite image saved on the smartphone and creating a small photo frame that can be displayed around us, and we were very pleased.

[Exhibitor products]
Mini picture frame
Mini picture frame

Tokyo Gift Show 2019


We exhibited at the School Facility Service Exhibition for 6 days from June 19 (Wednesday) to June 6 (Friday). I'm worried about what to give at the open campus/school briefing session and what kind of goods I will make every year, but I don't like the same thing as usual! !!
We exhibited new merchandise that breaks through such a rut, impresses students, enjoys the open campus more, and invites friends.



We exhibited at the Kyushu Printing Information Industry Exhibition for two days from June 2019 (Friday) to June 6 (Saturday).
We exhibited goods to help start dash of making original goods for companies considering UV printers from now on.
We also exhibited for the first time the new product "PU (Synthetic Leather) Plate Charm" that was just released at the booth. It is an item that you can easily create a charm with illustrations just by printing with a UV printer.



We exhibited at SPORTEC for LEISURE & GAME for 5 days from May 21st (Wednesday) to May 5rd (Friday).This time
"Invite family and friends to come and see the game"
"I want to increase the number of female fans"
"I want you to enjoy the time to the game more"
We introduced with the theme of.
With the concept of "watching is not the only way to enjoy! Goods that close the distance between fans and teams" Daio Seisakusho introduces various devices that solve your concerns and case examples!



We exhibited at Kyoto Gift Show 2019 for 3 days from March 6th (Wednesday) to March 3th (Thursday).
This time, we will help you develop sales channels by utilizing scraps. Would you like to make Japanese miscellaneous goods for foreigners and tourists with your materials and our parts? The theme was to introduce how to use our accessory parts.
The booth, which was inspired by a well-established Japanese general store with goodwill, was very well received by visitors.



We exhibited at Live Entertainment Expo for 2 days from February 27 (Wednesday) to March 3 (Friday). This time, the theme is "approach to an event in which the distance between you and your fans is very close".Mini picture frameWas introduced. The most popular item was the "Trading Frame", which contained a mini picture frame with the artist's photo printed in a silver bag. It's designed so that you won't know the contents until you open it, so you can exchange it with other fans to get the recommended artist goods.
Therefore, it is possible to activate the connection between fans and SNS, and it is a mechanism to liven up the day of the live. We also offer various other tricks, so please contact us if you want to reduce the distance from your fans.




We exhibited for two days on October 2018th and 10th at the Osaka Business Exhibition 17, where many industries are gathered together. The exhibited products are UV-printable goods that can be used in any industry depending on the design. The most popular one is "Mini picture frame"is. It is a product that you can make a painterly interior and magnet by assembling by UV printing on the ABS plate. This product that looks good even if smallMovieIs also distributed, so please have a look.



We exhibited at "SOPTEC Tohoku 9" which will be exhibited in Tohoku area for the first time on September 28th and 29th. At this exhibition where many printing industries exhibit, we introduced products that can easily make original goods by just UV printing. The thing that attracted particular attention is "Smartphone fall prevention ring"When"Mini canvas"is. We have introduced many products that can print UV, such as the introduction of kits that can make various samples when introducing a UV printer so that all customers involved in UV printing can enjoy it.



We exhibited at "Order Goods Business Show 9" held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on September 21st and 22nd. The introduction was released this yearMini canvas"When"Mini picture frameWe mainly performed two points. Also, as a new attempt at the exhibition,ImageI introduced using. We were able to get a lot of people to get their attention.
We also introduced in the seminar of Roland DG, UV printer compatiblePrinting miscellaneous goodsWe handle a lot of products, so it was an opportunity to introduce them as a new product.



Our online shop "Daio Seisakusho Online Shop" participated in the exhibition for the first time. We participated in the "Handmade Fair 9 OSAKA" held at My Dome Osaka on September 7th and 8th, and had the experience of actually purchasing products from the online shop and purchasing them.
At the handmade fair, our original resin productsMeal dishPopular with people who make handmadeGlass domeIntroduced the hot items such as. It's a rare opportunity for our employees because we rarely see their faces and sell them.

Handmade fair 2018 OSAKA


We participated in "Roland DG Business Trip Creative Center in Ishikawa" held at Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Promotion Center on August 8.
This timeUV print productsIn addition, we also introduced products that can be used in the LD-80, the world's first semiconductor laser foil transfer machine, released by Roland DG.
Foil is compatible with acrylic and synthetic leather (PU) materials, and many of our UV printing products can also be used for foil transfer. The seminar was a great introduction to customers who are thinking of doing business in the gold leaf town of Kanazawa.

Roland DG Ishikawa Seminar


We exhibited at "SPORTEC 7 25th Sports Event Service EXPO" held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 27th to 2018th.
This time, as "Introduction of souvenir goods for gym owners", we will provide goods that can be distributed as memorabilia to new owners and those who have been using it for a long time to those who manage sports gyms and classrooms. I have introduced you.
Above all, I introduced it as a different way to use the umbrella marker.Drink markerReceived a lot of attention such as "I have such goods" and received a lot of attention.



"UV/Sublimation Goods Business Startup Fair" was held on June 6 at Output Creation Co., Ltd. at Roland DG Sapporo Creative Center.
This time as well, we held the well-received "Introduction of ready-to-use print material materials" seminar in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, which has good compatibility with UV printers.Printing productsWas introduced. This was the first time for us to give a lecture in Hokkaido, and it was a enthusiastic seminar not only in Sapporo city, but also from many distant customers. We also introduced the products that can be used in the LD-80, which is the world's first foil transfer machine using a semiconductor laser, just released by Roland DG.

Roland 6/13 Seminar


We exhibited at "6th International Fukuoka Gift Show 7" held at Marine Messe Fukuoka from June 9th to 14th.
This time, we mainly introduced "goods made with acrylic". Not only original goods that can be easily made by cutting and printing acrylic, but also using acrylic as a part of the charm.Umbrella marker ,” and the new topic “”Mini picture frameWas introduced. It was an exhibition where general customers could come and get a lot of valuable opinions from everyone in Kyushu.
Fukuoka Gift Show 2018


We exhibited at the "5st School Facility and Service Exhibition" held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 16th to 18th.
This time, with the theme of "I want to wear fashionable clothes," as a practical souvenir "Pen holderOr as a bookmarkClipper, Etc. was introduced. It was an exhibition with a high density of people, who received many impressions from the design side and many customers who were highly interested in the goods.
School facility service exhibition


This time according to "Children's Day,"Play botanWas produced in the form of a carp streamer originally designed by Subaru Chiba. Not only children but also families were well received and enjoyed.
Carp streamer workshop


It was held on April 4th at Roland D.G. Nagoya Creative Center.From material purchase to Web sales! UV/sublimation goods business startup fairI participated in.
Our company alsoMaterial that can be immediately UV-printed into goods Was introduced. We have already received many applications from the seminar reservation stage, and after the seminar was over, the seminar was full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It was very inspiring for the customers of Hokuriku and Tokai to feel their interest in the UV printing business.

Roland 4/26 Seminar


It was held on April 4th and 12th at Roland DG, Tokyo Creative Center.3D&UV Solution Fair in SpringI participated in.
Our company alsoMaterials for UV printers that can be used immediately after printing I introduced about.During the seminar, our customers listened very enthusiastically and asked many questions.As a result, the seminar was very rich in content, and even after the seminar, when I picked up a product sample actually made using a UV printer at our booth and saw it, "I was looking for such a processing method! I was very pleased that our products could be used as hints for our customers' new business.

Roland 4/12 Seminar


Roland D.G. was held on April 4th at Osaka Creative Center.Roland DG Imagination Day 2018 in SpringI participated in.
We are ready to use for UV printersIngredients Was introduced. As a product that can be made into goods immediately by printing, we will explain small items using acrylic and synthetic leather while looking at the real thing, and a lively seminar where participants already talk about rich content have become.

Roland 4/10 Seminar


It was held on March 3th at Roland DG Tokyo Creative Center.From material purchase to Web sales! UV/sublimation goods business startup fairI participated in.
Printing products that can be used immediately after UV printing ・We held a seminar on processed parts to introduce key chain parts, pin badge parts that are compatible with acrylics, and other UV printing products such as iPhone cases and accessories using PU leather (synthetic leather). Those who attended the seminar also participated in a lottery to win printing products and processed parts.

Roland 3/28 Seminar



We exhibited at "Machiten" at Shibuya Hikarie on December 12th and 8th! This year, we held an exhibition with the theme of "regional revitalization," so we went there for a year.Collaboration project with the regional cooperationWas introduced. In addition, we proposed novelty and other items that can be used at “emigration fairs” as a design concept for the fictitious city “Inuri”. By showing real-life examples, there were many situations where I could be interested, and I felt a different atmosphere from the exhibitions that I usually attend.



We exhibited at "Small and Medium Enterprises New Manufacturing/New Service Exhibition" held at Index Osaka on November 11th, 28th and 29th! I couldn't quite get the opportunity in OsakaPlay botanWe proposed a hands-on workshop using "!" We introduced variations such as "seasonal events", "for zoos, aquariums, and amusement parks", "airports", "maternity and children's clothing", and "accessories". Also,Video of the organizerBut I got an opportunity to introduce.

New manufacturing and new service exhibition


this year tooSeijo UniversityAs a gift for customers who participated in the Eco Stamp Rally (quiz about eco knowledge in stamp rally format) at the 2017 university festival (Seijo festival), you can cool down by spraying water in a mist"Cool mist"Repeatable"Rewarm Cairo", Turn by hand to generate electricity"Dynamo light"Protect your smartphone from water"Waterproof pouch"We have sponsored 4 items.

Seijo Festival


We exhibited at "Asakusa A/ROUND" which was held in Tokyo and Asakusa area on October 10st and 20st. Before Halloween"Asobotan Halloween Kit"Workshop was held.
The Around Market was canceled on the 21nd due to the effect of Typhoon No. 22, but many children who were fine even in the rain visited.

Asakusa A/ROUND 2017 Autumn


We exhibited at "Osaka Kanko Exhibition 10" held at My Dome Osaka on October 18th and 19th. Focusing on printable productsPU leather mirrorWe introduced the parts.
The exhibition was so fun that exhibitors could enjoy the good taste of Osaka.

Osaka Business Exhibition 2017


We also participated in the "10th Fureai Festa Nagatoro" held on October 7th in Nagatoro. The children were very pleased with the “PET bottle holder” made of acrylic for this day and the charms that decorate it. Also for children and adultsDynamo LightThank you for your interest.
It was raining the day before, so I was worried about the weather, but the day was a pleasant festival day. The event was enjoyed by many children.

The 15th Fureai Festa Nagatoro


On September 9th and October 30st, at Chiba Subaru's four stores: Narashino store, Kimitsu store, Kamagaya store, and Mobara store.Asobotan Halloween KitWe held a workshop using ".
Many children made reservations in advance, so many children participated. Mothers made it for themselves and made it as a souvenir, everyone was looking forward to it. It was an event that made you feel Halloween as soon as possible.

Chiba Subaru


We exhibited at "Order Goods Business Show 9" held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Center Exhibition Hall on September 22nd and 23rd! Mainly printing productsPU (synthetic leather) compact mirror series"Or"Pen holderWas exhibited. OGBS was the first time to participate in Tokyo, but it was an exhibition that attracted many people.

OGBS2017 Tokyo


We exhibited at the "Premium Incentive Show" held at Tokyo Big Sight on September 9th, 6th and 7th! "Play botanWe will propose a hands-on workshop using "," we will introduce variations such as "seasonal events" "for zoos / aquariums / amusement parks" "airports" "maternity / children's clothes" "accessories" etc. It was Many people also paid attention to the “Sushi Botan,” which was an image of sushi, which was held by exchanging business cards.

OGBS2017 Tokyo


At Ibaraki Airport on August 8th and 26th,Play botanWe held a workshop! Many children participated in the homework support project for summer vacation. As it was a workshop at the airport, we prepared airplane-type felt only at Ibaraki Airport and the cloth of Hustle Komon! The kids were happy to choose from many types of fabrics and chains.

Ibaraki Airport


A kids event was held at Tokyu Department Store and Shibuya Main Store on July 7th and 29th. By saying "Luminous Senpuki!? Let's make your name fireworks!", we put our name and favorite message on the LED fan, and had small children decorate with stickers as they like. The decoration was strong and everyone was making a wonderful message fan! In addition, many children participated with a response that exceeded expectations.

Name Fireworks


A kids event was held at Tokyu Department Store and Shibuya Main Store on January 1th and 28th. This time, we will hold two themes. 29th is "Glitter accessories made with resinOn the 29th, the workshop of "Our original product"Name accessories made with playIt is a workshop. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I prepared a lot of heart-shaped items just in case, but it has nothing to do with small children (laughs). I chose various shapes and shapes, and this time I got hooked and played!

Tokyu Department Store


Japan's largest exhibition of stamp business, wear prints, original & SP goods products and manufacturing equipment held at Umeda Sky Building in Osaka on January 1th and 20st "Order goods business show Osaka 2017".
We exhibited many accessories and accessory goods that are easy to put on your name and decorate.

OGBS Osaka 2017



this year tooSeijo UniversityYou can cool down by spraying water in a mist as a gift for customers who participated in the eco stamp rally (quiz about eco knowledge in stamp rally format) at the 2016 university festival (seijo festival)Cool mistRepeatableRewarm Cairo, Turn by hand to generate electricityDynamo LightProtect your smartphone from waterWaterproof pouchWe supported 4 items

Seijo University Festival


On November 11, we opened a kids event held at Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Main Store.
This workshop is "Play botanLet's make a Christmas charm! "is.
This is a workshop to make Christmas-like charms by decorating handmade walnut buttons with felt-made trees, shoes and wreaths. Parents and children can make a palm-sized decoration for the Christmas tree at home and take it home.

Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Main Store Christmas Event


We opened a kids event on November 11th at Tokyu Department Store Kichijoji.
This workshop is "Dharma that stands outLet's paint!"
With a wish for a profitable Dharma, I drew each one carefully and freely, and I made a lot of wonderful Dharmas. There were children who gave to someone and children who gave to themselves. The ability to enthusiastically draw wishes and pictures with a small hand was very powerful in itself.
We pray for your wishes.

Daruma Workshop


We opened a store at the event held at Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Main Store on November 11rd.
This workshop is "Let's make a glittering key chain with resin".
It is an event that uses resin that allows you to freely create a glittering design by choosing your favorite frame. It was a wonderful workshop that children can enjoy together with their children.

Resin workshop


We exhibited at the Autumn Premium Incentive Show 10 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on October 19, 20 and 21 for three days.
Our company mainly exhibited printing products, exhibited zodiac signs and lucky items for handing out next year, and many customers stopped by.
In this new product contest, we exhibited a glass dome and a key map of Japan map.
The glass dome is a very popular item in the handicraft industry. A new sense of creativity that creates a small world in three dimensions!
We received a lot of attention by taking a look at the highlight products such as mobile batteries and cases for iPhone.

PI show


For two days, October 10th and 15th, we opened a store in the market corner of the local manufacturing event "Asakusa Around" in the Oku-Asakusa area of ​​Tokyo.
At our company, we held a workshop to make accessories, and many customers from adults to children visited and participated in the workshop.
The highlight of our store is the making of original badges, which was collaborated with four local companies including our company. This is a unique combo accessory with miniature size genuine bread and cute charms, in collaboration with our local bakery and accessory parts shop, which is very popular with the participants. Everyone attached it to their chest and bag and brought it home.

Asakusa Around


We held "Oname Fireworks" made with LED message fans this summer at a workshop event at Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Main Store on August 8th and 20st.
When you turn on the handy fan, your name floats softly! Looking at the fan that shines and floats, we again delivered a thrilling summer to our children!
Decorate with cute stickers and masking tape! Many children were pleased with their own original fan.

Message fan


For a summer kids event held at Osaka's ABC Craft "Abeno Q's MALL Store" on August 8rd and 3thPlay botanWas exhibited.
At the event, we held a workshop of "Photo frame with message card" made by playing with children. There are 3 types of cute photo frame designs: letters, cakes and bouquets!
There are 3 cute message cards! There are times when you want to send a message to people who are important to you, so it was a workshop for dads, moms, grandpas, and aunts.

Play botan


Starting from goods for leather traders on the 7th and 28th floors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taitokan on July 29th and 2th"Taito City Industry Fair 2016"We exhibited parts that can be used for leather products and semi-finished products that can be used for decoration processing.
At that time, local mediaIntroducing exhibitors on the official channel of TaitoOur company was introduced to! At the exhibition, we exhibited parts such as eggplant hooks, key chains, and metal plates used in leather-related products such as bags.
In addition, we introduced case examples of prototype development that was in-house manufactured with the latest equipment in order to streamline OEM orders such as custom orders for related products and novelty goods production.

Taito Ward Industry Fair


July 7th, 20st, 21nd, 22 days at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3 and 3"Inbound Japan 2016"Exhibited at
We have a lineup of products that can quickly respond to the creation of original new products for inbound travel. We will support the customer's image from the design by using the in-house equipment such as 3D printer and UV printer, and responding promptly to the prototyping.

Inbound Japan


At a workshop event on the 6th floor of the Aichi Prefecture Tokyu Hands Nagoya store on the 18th floor craft supplies corner for two days on June 19th and 2thPlay botanWas exhibited.
The event theme is a workshop for "Father's Day gift! Photo frame with a message card" made by playing with children. There are 3 types of cute photo frame designs: letters, cakes and bouquets! Since it was a gift for Father's Day, many children from boys to girls could enjoy it!

Play botan


Kyushu's largest international trade fair for personal gifts and household goods was held at Marine Messe Fukuoka on June 6, 6, and 7 for three days.12th International Fukuoka Gift Show 2016".
Our exhibit this time introduced auspicious items, smartphone cases, and accessory miscellaneous goods. We also handle small orders for parts, secondary processing, and assembly processing to finished products. Many people also visited the retail sale on the final day.

Fukuoka Gift Show



For two days on December 12th and 5th, at the workshop event of ABC Craft Abeno Q's MALL and Tokyu Department Store KichijojiPlay botanWas exhibited.
This time, as a kids event for the Christmas season, we made Christmas charms such as Christmas trees and wreaths.

Play botan


Trade show for small and medium-sized enterprises held at Tokyo Big Sight for 11 days from November 18thIndustrial Exchange Exhibition 2015".
Our theme for this exhibition is "education and welfare products" targeted at children and the elderly. Among the products exhibited, aroma accessories, in particular, were introduced on TV etc., and the dementia preventive effect of aroma was introduced.

Industrial exchange exhibition

Tokyu Department Store for 10 days on October 24th and 25th Kichijoji shop workshop eventToPlay botanWas exhibited.
The theme of this event is Halloween, which has been getting more and more exciting in recent years! It was a great excitement to feel that Halloween has permeated even small children. At the same time, our staff were delighted with "cosplay"! ?

Play botan

this year tooSeijo UniversityTo the 2015 University Festival (Seijo Festival)Solar mini lightCan be used repeatedly with the key chainRewarm CairoWe have sponsored two items.


10rd from October 14th, 3 days from Ikebukuro Sunshashin City Cultural Center in Tokyo Premium Incentive Show Autumn 2015Exhibited at
In recent years, "UV inkjet printers" have been introduced to manufacturers of novelty goods, anime goods, and miscellaneous goods. This time, we exhibited material goods compatible with the "UV inkjet printer" and introduced value-added output goods in the UV printing business.
In addition, we have jointly exhibited with Roland DG, a manufacturer of UV printers with a reputation for high-definition UV printing, to propose solutions for the UV printing business.

PI show

At the summer vacation event at Tokyu Department Store (Kichijoji store),LED message fanWe held a workshop on "Oname Fireworks" made in.
When you turn on the handy fan, it's strange! Even children who are overjoyed or overwhelmed by seeing a fan whose name shines and floats...
Decorate with cute stickers and masking tape! Many children were pleased with their own original fan.

Message fan



Seijo University 2014University Festival (Seijo Festival)Sponsored by
We cooperated in providing free gifts to customers who participated in the eco stamp rally (quiz about eco knowledge in stamp rally format).
This prize can be repeatedly solar-charged according to the "eco" theme of the event.Mini lightCan be used repeatedly with the key chainRewarm CairoThere are two points.
We would like to thank all the people involved in the university festival at Seijo University who are engaged in local and social contribution activities, including eco activities, for giving us the opportunity to contribute to society.

Seijo Festival

By Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion CorporationCommercialization practice dojo projectWith the support of
"Play botanWill be exhibited for the first time at the gift show.
This is a button art that parents and children can play together.
A button of your own coordinated using a strip.
By combining these buttons, you can enjoy creating unique works.

Case button



By Taito Ward, TokyoNew product new technology development support projectWith the support of
"Ale can] The project is in progress.
Change souvenirs.
Think about the area.
What you can do for everyone.

Ale can






2010.06.20 "Camp Beat" project sponsored by UNHCR AssociationI was impressed with the theme of fostering "hope for the future" for refugees living in the harsh environment, and decided to sponsor it.
The project started with the invitation of the artist Yuzu, and we are pleased to offer our bells to "Feel the Muzik Yokohama", which was held in Yokohama on World Refugee Day (June 6). It was
Through this activity, I hope that many people with less dreams will have more dreams and hopes, and will be a support and an opportunity for a better future.
2010.03.01 Daio Seisakusho has celebrated its 50th anniversary. From this term, we will introduce the activities that we supported with a little effort.

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